Webquest Israel/Palestine

The objective of this intervention is to facilitate an understanding of multiperspectivity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By using a the new media and interactive methods youths engage with different perspectives on the conflict.

The Workshop “Webquest Israel/Palestine” is taught in the form of a three-day workshop. In the project ‘ work on the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is structured by a Webquest learning environment. In addition modules on the topics of prejudice/ racism as well as theater pedagogical methods are integrated in the workshop.  The objective is to expand from an exploration of dates and facts of the conflict to an understanding of its emotional dimension.  In the webquest the youths’ get to know 15 people who are affected by the conflict, and they learn and discuss about their experiences, views, emotions, and motivations. In a subsequent step they relate this understanding to their own lives and the lives of their families and community.

For educators who want to work on a similar conflict constellation, but not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict itself, we also offer a webquest on the Muslim-Christian conflict in Indonesia: Webquest Indonesien.

Learning goals:

– Critical engagement with biased presentations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and empowerment to arrive at independent opinions

– Development of analytic and critical thinking

– Reflection of prejudiced thinking – one’s owns and others

This curriculum won the MediaMax Sonderpreis 2009 at the 9th Berlin Youth Forum.

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