Our current project: FORGOTTEN – A serious game on perpetratorship and collective memory


Our current project forgotten is a serious game in which users (ages 12-18) explore the silencing and memory of collective perpetratorship. The game allows for users’ emotional and experiential immersion by using gamified aesthetics and age-appropriate dilemmas. forgotten supports learners to develop critical thinking skills and engage in supported historical research that challenges the inevitability of collaboration and evil. Through a safe environment that is respectful of history and its actors, learners are confronted with complex scenarios in which they must consider a number of difficult decisions and reflect on their implications. The objective is for learners to come to see how individuals in particular circumstances bear the responsibility for making decisions and that those decisions had specific consequences.




Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, FB 4 Gesundheit und Soziale Arbeit, Frankfurt

Northwestern University, Program in Learning Sciences, School of Education and Social Policy, Evanston (USA), Danny M. Cohen, Ph.D., Professor of Instruction

Bildungsstätte Anne Frank, Frankfurt

Fritz-Bauer-Institut, Pädagogisches Zentrum, Frankfurt

Jüdisches Museum Berlin